Working across Health and Social Care for Nottinghamshire

There are more than 350 different careers across the NHS and social care. Many individuals work with patients, residents or citizens while others work behind the scenes. What they all have in common is that they make a difference to people’s lives.

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Work with us

Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there is a career for you in health or social care. You can work directly with patients, in hospitals, an ambulance trust, or in the community.

Once you are part of the team, we will work with you to develop your career, and fulfil your potential. Whether you have always wanted to work in care or have never thought about it before, the huge range of careers will amaze you!

There are clinical and non-clinical careers available. You could work on the front line on a ward or never see a patient and still make a difference to people’s lives. From the person who manages the finances to the gardener who keeps a care home looking tidy, everyone working in health and social care contributes to vital services.

Career of the month


Here you will find information about nursing roles in healthcare across Nottinghamshire.

Healthcare Nursing

Work Experience

CARE4Notts are here to offer you information and help with your journey whether it is beginning a career, apprenticeships, work experience or job placement we will work with you to develop your career and fulfil your potential.

If you are already working in health or social care CARE4Notts we can link you with the right training and education, career development and apprenticeships. You can also apply to be an Ambassador to help inspire and encourage young people to consider a career in health or social care.

Care4Notts Talent Academy – Tips for Students


Here you will find information about the Kickstart project for careers in health and social care across Nottinghamshire.

Day in the life

Here you will find real life stories and examples of what it is like to work in health and social care.

Social Care

Tom – Regional Manager

Hotel Manager to Regional Manager

Health Care

Sarah – Ambulance Technician

Ambulance Technician

Health Care

Jonathan – Emergency Medical Consultant

Emergency Medical Consultant


Keep up to date with exciting new events from CARE4Notts and our partners across Nottinghamshire.

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