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Here you will find how CARE4Notts are working for careers in health and social care across Nottinghamshire.


CARE4Notts is the Careers Academy Representing Everyone across Health and Social Care in Nottinghamshire.

Our aim is to increase and broaden future workforce supply to support the integrated health and social care system to deliver the 21st century care we all want to be able to access when it is needed.


Through an integrated one-stop approach CARE4Notts aims:

  • to raise the profile and increase the numbers of people entering health and social care roles
  • help develop a workforce in new roles with transferable skills that can be used across different care settings
  • offer joint workforce initiatives to develop networks & new opportunities for cross-sector working
  • support greater efficiency by sharing skills & best practice

Our Objectives are to:

  • increase the capacity and diversity in our Work Experience offer
  • enable joint schools’ engagement and offer careers activities,
  • promote and increase Ambassador networks across sectors
  • support system wide recruitment campaigns
  • increase Apprenticeship routes into employment
  • create attractive career development frameworks
  • enable widening participation activities to ensure diversity & inclusion
  • upskill under-represented groups to participate in employment and maximise their potential 
  • endorse volunteer workforce routes into employment and support pre-employment preparation

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