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Here you will find information about doctor roles in healthcare across Nottinghamshire.

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Doctors face the challenge of trying to heal people and to keep people as healthy as possible on a daily basis. They do this by using their communication skills to understand what the problem is and their scientific knowledge to know how best to fix it. Doctors have some of the most diverse and challenging careers available.

Learning Highlight – Reflective Diary for Aspiring Doctors

Endorsed by the Medical Schools Council this reflective diary is available for all pupils pursuing an application to study medicine. The diary is designed to help pupils make the most of the work experience opportunities they obtain.  It can be used for any work experience opportunity i.e. in primary care and/or secondary care, when volunteering in care homes or during relevant part-time work.

Download the diary here

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Here you will find a list of roles – click on each to find out more

Clinical Radiologist
Community Sexual and Reproductive Health Consultant
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Public Health Doctor
Emergency Medicine Doctor
General Practitioner (GP)
Intensive Care Doctor
Medical Doctor
Occupational Health Doctor

Case Studies

Here you will find real life stories and examples of what it is like to work in Healthcare.

Health Care

Jonathan – Emergency Medical Consultant

Emergency Medical Consultant


Here you will find real life stories and examples of what it is like to work in Healthcare.

The Medical Register

The Medical Register

Education and requirements to become a Doctor

How do you become a Doctor?
Observe GP

Reflective Diary for Aspiring Medics
Learn more about working as GP
Applying for medical school
General Medical Council
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