Social Care Regulated Professions
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Regulated Professions

Here you will find information about regulated profession roles in social care across Nottinghamshire.

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These roles mean you have to be registered with a regulated body to practice. They require relevant qualifications which might include an undergraduate degree or diploma.

Please follow the link for each role to find out more about what skills and qualifications you will need.

Regulated Professions roles

Social Worker

You’ll offer counselling and advocacy to individuals and families, and intervene where vulnerable people need safeguarding.

Occupational Therapist

You’ll work with people with physical, mental or social disabilities to help do everyday activities such as with physical rehabilitation or equipment for daily living.

Nurse (including Nursing Associate)

You’ll perform clinical tasks to people in a nursing home or in the community.

Nursing in Social Care

Complementary Therapist

You’ll provide complementary therapies such as reflexology, massage and aromatherapy to people who may be experiencing emotional distress, pain or psychological issues.


You’ll provide emotional support to help people overcome challenges for example bereavement, living with a long term condition or drug or alcohol addiction.

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