Think CAREers School Tour 2023
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Think CAREers School Tour 2023

CARE4Notts is bringing back it’s successful school tour across 40 different schools this autumn

Think CAREers School Tour 2023

The Think CAREers School Tour will visit 40 different schools across Nottinghamshire to provide valuable insights into caring careers through an engaging and informative play. This unique approach allows students to learn about health and care professions in an entertaining and accessible manner. Here’s a brief overview of how the tour will unfold:

School Visits: The tour will visit a diverse range of 39 schools across Nottinghamshire. This broad outreach ensures that as many students as possible have the opportunity to participate and gain insights into health and care careers.

The theatrical production is provided by Enact and is meticulously designed to both entertain and educate. Through the storyline and characters, students will be introduced to various roles, challenges, and the impact health and care professionals have on people’s lives.

Informative Content: Within the play’s narrative, key information about careers, such as the different roles available, educational requirements, and the rewarding aspects of working in healthcare, will be woven seamlessly into the storyline. This ensures that students not only enjoy the performance but also come away with a deeper understanding of different professions.

In summary, the tour leverages the power of theatre to provide students with a condensed yet impactful insight into careers. Through a short performance, it engages, informs, and inspires young minds to consider the diverse opportunities available in the healthcare sector


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Sep 18 2023 - Oct 13 2023



CARE4Notts is the Careers Academy Representing Everyone across Health and Social Care in Nottinghamshire

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