Understanding Emotional Wellbeing Workshop
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Understanding Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

Have you wondered what is exactly meant by “mental health” & “emotional wellbeing”? Find out via this “Emotional Wellbeing” free workshop, learn about how to maintain good mental health.

Understanding Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop is for individuals who are interested in emotional wellbeing and how it can be maintained. It provides participants with an understanding of what is meant by “mental health” and “emotional wellbeing” and the spectrum from mental ill health through to emotional wellbeing. It explores the impact emotional wellbeing has on our physical and social health and how resilience is developed and its importance in dealing with adversity. It also covers the factors that have positive and negative effects on our emotional wellbeing and provides practical ways to develop the learner’s own and others’ emotional wellbeing.

The event will enable participants to:

  • Understand the importance of emotional wellbeing and how it contributes to people’s health
  • Understand how to develop resilience and how it can be used to manage difficulties
  • Understand the factors that can have a positive and negative effect on emotional wellbeing, and
  • Understand how to manage own emotional wellbeing

Participants can choose to undertake the assessment to get a nationally recognised qualification. The assessment involves completion of a workbook following the online workshop.

The workshop will be delivered online by webinar and will be highly interactive. The assessment will be undertaken shortly after the workshop.


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Mar 23 2021


9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub


Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub
0115 883 6294

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