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Catherine – Dental Hygienist

Real life case study of Catherine - Dental Hygienist
Catherine – Dental Hygienist

I work with several other hygienists and dentists in a dental practice that is larger than most. However, there is little or no difference between the work I do and that done by the average hygienist. I developed an interest in dental care during my teenage years. At school, I went through extensive dental treatment, which made me aware of the importance of good dental health. I decided to pursue a career as a dental hygienist because I preferred the nine to five workday of hygienists versus the shift work schedule that nurses have. Since graduating with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene, I’ve worked continuously for 15 years as a dental hygienist.

To be successful as a dental hygienist, you need good communication skills. Most people find going to a dentist’s surgery unpleasant, so you may have to comfort nervous patients and make visiting a dental surgery a more agreeable experience. You must also enjoy being around people as you are in constant contact with all different types of people throughout the day. Successful dental hygienists are able to show empathy towards their patients and treat patients as they would like to
be treated.

What I like about my job is dealing with different people all day. I’ve been working in this practice for eight years, and I know many of my patients well now. I have even watched some of them grow up by seeing them every six months for their check-ups.

I also find it very rewarding to help people, by teaching them how to care for their teeth; I know that when they leave, they go home with clean teeth and they appreciate it.

The hours of the job are flexible. You can work part-time if you wish. For example, I work four days a week. The salary is good too. The dental hygiene profession is an excellent profession, and there are lots of opportunities for growth.

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