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The Parents’ Guide to Getting Ahead in the Summer Holidays

2021 has been another tricky year so far and your teen is likely to have experienced yet more disruption to their studies. Don’t dwell on what they may have missed but focus on using the summer to boost their experience to help them prepare for the autumn term and future applications they will want to make.

This free guide includes information on:

  • Making the most of the summer holidays;
  • Boosting knowledge;
  • Researching apprenticeships;
  • Researching university courses;
  • Writing a personal statement;
  • Preparing to leave home;
  • Protecting your mental wellbeing.

The holidays provide a fantastic opportunity for students to think about what they can do to start making their future goals and dreams a reality. Depending on how old they are, there’s plenty they can do to help them prepare for the next stage of their life – and they can have fun at the same time! Whether they’re 15 and starting to think about what they might like to do after their GCSEs or whether they’re 18 and making plans for adulthood. Because this has, in many ways, been another stressful year, there is also included a section on mental wellbeing

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