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Here you will find information about work experience and access to apply for placements.

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The Nottinghamshire Work Experience Hub provides a centralised process for those seeking work experience placements in the health and social care sectors.

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone thinking about a career in Health or Social Care to try a work experience placement at an acute hospital, in a mental health Trust or in a placement in our community services. Our Work Experience Hub offers a variety of work experience placements.

The Nottinghamshire Work Experience Hub is available to everyone, whether you are at school thinking about your future career, people taking career breaks and wanting a change of direction or people wanting to try something completely different.

Working in the NHS and social care is an extremely rewarding career and offers an experience like nowhere else. Every role, whether it is clinical or non-clinical plays a vital role in making a difference to patients, service users and families and carers. You will learn a lot about yourself as well as developing professionally.

Please note that, due to the demand for placements and the limited number of available work experience placements, placements are restricted to Nottinghamshire residents only.

For all general enquiries please contact the Work Experience Co-ordinator:
01623 622515 ext 4423

Advice for Students

We are slowly starting to offer work experience placements again after the pandemic. There are only a few choices at present but we hope to increase the options soon. Please look at the links section and our Events pages to see alternative online work-related learning alternatives.

For students applying to university

Universities understand that it may still be difficult to obtain work experience placements. They will expect to see in your personal statement that you have researched the different areas available in your field of study e.g. adults, paediatrics, older people.

Tips for Students

Care4Notts Talent Academy – Tips for Students

Advice for Teachers

Please see this handy guide below

Advice for Managers

Please look at the guides below for some great advice.

We are also always looking for ways to offer online alternatives. If you are willing to offer your time and expertise for a pre-recorded video or maybe a live Q&A session please get in touch. Please contact the Work Experience Co-ordinator 01623 622515 ext 4423

What is on offer

These are some typical example work placements:
AnaestheticsQueens Medical Centre
Rheumatology ResearchKings Mill Hospital
Vascular SurgeryQueens Medical Centre
Neurological RehabilitationLinden Lodge
Audiology ObserverKings MIll Hospital & Nottingham Audiology Services, NG1

Apply for Work Experience

We are slowly starting to offer work experience placements again after the pandemic. There are only a few choices at present but we hope to increase the options soon.


A Managers Perspective

A Managers Perspective

Aspiring Medics

Aspiring Medics

Clinical Assistant

Clinical Assistant

Health Informatics

Online Learning Packages
Follow a Patient Journey at a GP Visit
Step into the NHS
Advice for Work Experience during the Pandemic
BBC Bitesize
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