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Working for Maternity Services in Nottinghamshire

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Our vision is for maternity services across Nottingham & Nottinghamshire to become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family friendly; where every woman has access to information to enable her to make decisions about her care; and where she and her baby can access support that is centred around their individual needs and circumstances.

We want all our staff to be supported to deliver care which is family-centred and work in high performing teams, in organisations which are well led and in cultures which promote innovation, continuous learning, and break down organisational and professional boundaries

Learn more about different roles

RoleWhat do they do?Find out more
MidwifeMidwives provide care and support to women and their families while pregnant, throughout labour and during the period after a baby’s birth.Explore the role here

More advice can be found here
Maternity Support WorkerMaternity support workers are the frontline of a family’s journey through pregnancy, childbirth and the first few days of birth.
Explore the role here

More information can be found here
Neonatal NurseNeonatal nurses care for newborn babies who are born premature or sick. A newborn baby can suffer from a range of conditions requiring treatment.Explore the role here
Newborn Hearing ScreenerNewborn hearing screeners help and support families with vital information about their babies’ hearing.Explore the role here
Health VisitorHealth visitors are specialist community public health nurses, (SCPHN) registered midwives or nurses. They specialise in working with families with a child aged 0 to five to identify health needs as early as possible and improve health and wellbeing.Explore the role here

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