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Here you will find resources for booking an Ambassador for health and social care across Nottinghamshire.

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An Ambassador is an experienced healthcare or social care worker who is willing to inspire and encourage young people to consider a career and educational opportunities in healthcare.

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Young people aspire to be what they see around them in their everyday life but it’s difficult to aspire to a future that you can’t see or even know exists. Our Health and Social Care Ambassadors can help to change this.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to hear first-hand about jobs and the world of work. We want to show young people exciting careers in health and social care. We want to give them the opportunity to meet a wide range of role models doing interesting, exciting jobs, to help inspire and motivate them. And we want to help them to understand that by aiming high, working hard, and making an effort in school or college, they can realise their dreams.

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