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Here you will find resources for booking an Ambassador for health and social care across Nottinghamshire.

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An Ambassador is an experienced healthcare or social care worker who is willing to inspire and encourage young people to consider a career and educational opportunities in healthcare.

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Young people aspire to be what they see around them in their everyday life but it’s difficult to aspire to a future that you can’t see or even know exists. Our Health and Social Care Ambassadors can help to change this.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to hear first-hand about jobs and the world of work. We want to show young people exciting careers in health and social care. We want to give them the opportunity to meet a wide range of role models doing interesting, exciting jobs, to help inspire and motivate them. And we want to help them to understand that by aiming high, working hard, and making an effort in school or college, they can realise their dreams.

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Working with schools, colleges and community events to give advice and information to individuals who are keen to learn more about a career with the NHS and the important role you play. These events can also include interactive activities to promote roles and specialities.
Speed networking allows students to speak to a range of volunteers in an informal setting. Students sit in small groups with a volunteer, spending around 10 minutes hearing about the volunteer’s job and asking questions about their career and career route. Volunteers will rotate around the student groups, giving students the opportunity to hear from a range of different jobs in a short period. Typically, speed networking sessions will last between 1-1.5 hours and students will speak to up to 10 different volunteers during the session.
These are usually interactive primary school age sessions where ambassadors take a piece of equipment or something associated with their role and the children ask questions to try to guess the career role being represented.
Ambassadors can speak to larger groups of students to help inspire them and to increase understanding of different jobs in the world of work. Topics could include their career to date, focus on their current role or sector. Talks can act as insight in to the daily life of working in a given field or role, and support the broadening of career aspirations. We have created presentations that can be used to show a patient’s journey throughout their hospital stay and recovery which includes the many different roles of the staff who contribute to their care.
Talking to students and giving them advice and insight while they ask you questions on a particular role, department or speciality.
Schools and colleges can host a wide range of Ambassadors who can act as interviewers, giving students a chance to experience what a real job interview might be like. Ambassadors may also be asked to take part in sessions that provide feedback on mock CVs or job applications. These activities will allow students to gain feedback so that they can prepare themselves fully for when they do apply for jobs, giving them the best chance of success.
Interactive sessions where you can demonstrate elements of your role or equipment that may be used to show learners how you work. Activities examples previously used include be hand hygiene, (mock) medicine administration, measuring observations and moving and handling techniques.
Occasionally Ambassadors will be asked to contribute to videos, podcasts and other health care career promotion that can be used to schools, colleges, local community and social media. Careers videos may also be stored on the work experience virtual space to give an insight into your role.
Section 3: Delivery and Timings
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