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Public Health

Here you will find information about public health roles in healthcare across Nottinghamshire.

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Public health is about taking a broad view of society to improve wellbeing and prevent illness.

There are three main areas of public health:

  • Health protection – protecting the population’s health by ensuring that environmental risks are minimised. For example, you could work to prevent the outbreak of epidemics, plan responses to emergencies, or in food safety.
  • Health improvement – helping people to improve their own health, and therefore preventing illnesses from developing in the first place. You might be involved in campaigns to encourage heathier eating, physical exercise, or to persuade people to quit smoking and drugs.
  • Healthcare public health – making sure that everyone has access to the high quality health services and medicines that they need, when they need them. This could be a government or local authority policy role, or humanitarian work in developing countries.

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Here you will find roles within Public Health

Director of public health
Environmental health professional
Health trainer
Health visitor
Occupational health nurse
Public health academic
Public health consultants and specialists
Public health knowledge and intelligence professional
Public health manager
Public health nurse
Public health practitioner
School nurse

Case Studies

Here you will find real life stories and examples of what it is like to work in Healthcare.

Health Care

Sue – Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational Health Nurse

Health Care

Pauline – School Health Nurse

School Health Nurse


Here you will find real life stories and examples of what it is like to work in Healthcare.

Public Health Manager

Public Health Manager

All about Environmental Health

All about Environmental Health

Education and requirements for Public Health

Public Health England
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Day in the life of a Health Visitor
Public Health Practitioner’s Education and Training Directory
Course Finder
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